Dr. Lusuardi AG

Dr. Lusuardi AG was founded in 1987. We represent clients before the European Patent Office in Munich (EPO), the Institute for Intellectual Property in Bern (IGE), as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva (WIPO).

Our key Intellectual Property services include:

Preparation, filing and prosecution of National, European and International Patent, Trademark and Design applications

Carrying out opposition proceedings to defend or oppose the grant of a patent, trade mark or design

Advice on Intellectual Property infringement cases or nullity cases including evaluation of Patents, Trademarks and Designs

Permanent Patent Watches concerning publications of new patent applications and/or newly granted patents in a particular field of interest

Patent Searches with regard to novelty of a certain product or method or with regard to a possible patent infringement (freedom to operate)

Trademark searches

We are proficient in the languages:
German, English, French, Italian and Russian.

Further services are:

Advice on Intellectual Property issues concerning licensing, Know-How Agreements and Confidential Disclosure Agreements

Patent translations:

English ↔ German
English ↔ French
English ↔ Italian
German ↔ French

Our fields with particular practical experience are:

Metallurgy, metal castings, alloys, cements

Polymers, organic natural products, pharmaceuticals, generics, textile chemistry

Molecular biology, cell biology, plant biology, medical biology, proteins, Immuno- biochemistry

Engineering, Printing

Medical devices, endo-prostheses, bone implants and bone surgery, computer-assisted surgery, osteosynthesis, bone cements